Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends.

Now here a tough one ... for some reason i'm normally behind the camera or all the photos are of the kids! ... but I've found a couple (that i hope no one minds me sharing here)

Firstly a bunch of greatly talented friends (some who left before a picture was taken) who get together weekly for a night off from the kids :) ... not sure where i'd be without these ladies they are so wonderful xx

Some more really great friends. These were taken on a night out in town
(Yip love you Mary - hope you don't kill me) 
... we sure did have a great night too - whens the next one?

A friend I have had for life - My big sister Bobbie ... how beautiful is she!

And friends from Years ago ....

Nothing like digging up those old school photos huh - that was my last year at primary school.


JJ said...

LOL - you too huh.

Mummyzilla said...

OMG! You went to Kaimata primary school?!! So did my DH? He would have been a few years ahead of you I think