Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Right - starting at Day 1 (due to popular demand lol and delayed a day due to no time to think!) 
 ..... taking a deep breath and here we go...... a recent picture is easy

This is me & my big girl just after I got my haircut (first true fringe in years!) and we were playing with the webcam

Shes just beautiful, a cheeky wee girl who captures my heart many times a day 
(we have our 'moments' as well though)

now 15 interesting facts about myself ... not quite as easy but will start with some obvious ones and i'll try to make them interesting but no guarantees.....

  1. I'm a mum to two beautiful girls, Emma (above) and Rebecca (Beca Boo)
  2. I got married to an amazing guy (yes how lucky am i??), I can't believe that we are coming up to our 5th wedding anniversary in February 2011.
  3. I'm very drawn to thinking of health & life in a holistic way.
  4. I can't spell to save myself (and my grammar can be rather shocking as well) 
  5. I'm a Kid Start Educator - so look after up to four children under the age of five in my home on any given day ... its great!
  6. I love herbs - nothing better then popping out to the garden and picking amazing plants to add to a meal - or into some boiling water for a refreshing cup of tea.
  7. I grew up on various Dairy farms ... having moved 3 times when i was growing up.
  8. My family and i live on 2.5 Acres on the Taranaki coast - we love it here, great views, great community and perfect place to raise our kids.
  9. I love baking - but its not to often that i stick to a recipe (a 'skill' of which my Mother and Grandmother also possess)
  10. I’m easily addicted to all things crafty - Sewing, Beading, Cross stitch, Knitting, Scrapping (Digi & Paper), Card-making, Painting - you name it i’ll give it ago .. and recently added spinning!! & very addicted to craft swaps.
  11. I have a love of fabric - browns, reds, greens, simple patterns and who could go past black and white. 
  12. I'm becoming an even keener gardener - I've always loved harvesting fresh veges from the garden, but recently become even more involved with the growing side of things and also flowers - I love our roses that we acquired when we moved here.
  13. I love quotes - a positive outlook is great and find these help keep my mind on track.
  14. I can be very lazy .... a trait i'm working on changing one step at a time.
  15. As a kid i had a very messy room - it consisted of a constant horizontal wardrobe  (yip can't think of anymore)
  16. I totally have the best family & mates ever! ... sure can depend on them when my energy is low and a hug is all i need ... or a kick up the arse! ... yip love you all xxx
So now I challenge you ... whats an interesting fact that you know about me that I've over looked? post it below in the comments as i'd love to read it :)

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JJ said...

Your "Flat Tack" creations are on the top of my envy list - you are very, very clever :o)