Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

 So I haven't traveled the globe and don't see that happening any time soon but so far in my life I've jumped the ditch to Aussie years ago, been on a surprise honeymoon in Fiji, but the most eventful of all was travelling to Port Craig at the start of the year.

It was for my sisters wedding - now we always knew that her wedding would be somewhere remote and somewhat low key but this certainly topped the cake, for us anyway with a 11 month old and almost 3 yr old.

Our Journey:

Day One ....
Drive from New Plymouth to Auckland and stay the night at the lovely Bucklands Beach Motel with my Aunty ... at the end of the day the kids were pleased to get out of the vehicle 

Day Two ....
Jump on a plane to Queenstown ...

Then drive to Tuatapere ... was great to get there and let the kids out i tell you! 

Day Three ...

  and where almost there!

This is the Port Craig Village .... note the 'lack of roads' ... to get to the venue you could either walk a few hours or grab a helicopter ride.

You guessed it! ... i'm not the fittest and with two children walking wasn't really an option after the journey thus far so we took the easy way while Hubby walked with the rest of the wedding guests.

I also had to get there early as i had a job to do ....

Emma helped as i iced the cake:

Day Four .....

We celebrated on the beach with sand-flys and all

Day Five:

Fly back out to Tuatapere 

Day Six:

up before dawn to drive back to Queenstown for our flight back to Auckland

Then that night we trekked home to Taranaki ... the kids were besides themselves when we got home it was a mammoth task ... but it sure was for a wonderful reason and the memories are life long.


Leonie said...

Oh wow. what an amazing place to visit! and what a gorgeous family picture. I think NZ beats a lot of the overseas places.
Im a bit behind on my 30 days .. oops, better get posting!

Sam said...

thanks - it sure was lovely & i agree i'd love to explore all of what NZ has to offer