Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

okay ... so i'm posting one for each member of my family here, I'm so proud of all of them and often stop and think how grateful I am as well.

Easy - how can you not be proud of such an accomplishment! .. he's one step of creating a pizza oven for our backyard!

Isn't it just so cool!

Last night just before we had dessert she said a Karakia, this is from her learnings at preschool.  Now it certainly wasn't perfect @ 9pm (when really she should have been in bed) .. there were actions and mumbles, but it was so heart warming for her to share something so special on her dads birthday.

At such a young age (1.5yr) there are so many things to be proud of as a mother.  One of these moments was her ability to help her sister set the table without aid from myself.  In our family our girls help hands on with whats going on (so long as mums in the patient mood).  This moment made me realise just how fast my baby is growing up - i know sometimes were so busy and keep treating them as babies, but when you start giving them the responsibility then they also become proud of themselves.

This ones a hard one as i'm not that big on self gratitude.  
I guess i'm proud of myself for getting the glasshouse weeded, composted & ready for another round of growth to feed the family - there really is nothing better then producing your own food.


Rainbow Child said...

what a wonderful post!!

Sam said...

Thanks Hannah :)