Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Hording! .... I know I know just throw stuff away right?

but its just not that easy

The reason I wish I didn't horde things is because i think it would help me keep the house a tad more clutter free - i'd love to think that one day it would be clutter free anyway (I can dream right?) 
It would also be great if everything could always be put back in its place and you'd know exactly where to find it.  With a husband and two children i feel like i'm forever chasing my tail with this and would rather not feel like i spend most of my time cleaning up and putting things back - over spending time with my girls (who do at-times help me put things away of course)

BUT the reason that i'm glad that both myself and my husband horde, is because things ALWAYS seem to come in handy!  Being a crafter i can normally see a way to use something by up-cycling it and i hate the idea that i'm adding to the tonnes of rubbish that head for landfills every year if i just throw things out - so i put things aside waiting for that moment of free time i can get-to and create the next master piece. Then the 'put-a-side' pile grows and so on until that one day you know exactly the thing your wanting to use.

I do have to mention however that after shifting house i'm so glad that we 'horded' the taps from the old bathroom we redecorated ... as they are now in use in our 'new' bathroom - perfect right, nothing better then saving money as well as putting items to use.  
Also means that everyday i seem to be reminded that hording comes in handy so just de-stress and live amongst the slight amount of clutter we have from hording.

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