Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

When I first read on the list that this post was coming up i thought that it would be great, a wonderful way to 'rid' any hurt i'm feeling, also as when i was younger letters seemed to be a big part of my communication with some friends & was important to me - looking back the letters were probably full of crap but still - theres nothing like receiving mail from those you love.

BUT to write a letter to someone whom has hurt me doesn't actually come naturally anymore for a couple of reasons:

  • It feels like i'm back in high-school writing notes to friends .. and honestly i'm not the person i used to be writing letters instead of just talking to someone anymore .... Yip i went thought a large amount of bullying at through-out my schooling - for whatever reason (Believe me - I've blamed it on every part of who i am at some stage) and instead of letting it control me I've moved past it.  Past the crying, the low feelings and the time that i spent really caring about something that probably meant nothing to the other people involved.  I've really learnt from it that if you want to let it affect you it will ... if you want to forget about it and move on then you will.  End of the day there is only so much we can control in our lives and so long as we make the most from what we can then hurt will be overridden by happiness.
  • I see mail as a good thing now - and to send a letter of hurt or if i received one it would really hurt so i choose not to live that way.
  • I actually don't have any 'hurt feelings' in me ... i guess I've dealt with them!
  • Although I put my heart into all that I do - after talking to a friend last week I have learn't that to avoid getting hurt, don't set your expectations in others - just take them for who they are and concentrate on yourself - giving you 100% .... don't rely on others to 'make' you happy control it yourself.
The other big thing that i have learn't about hurt is that a lot of the time a person actually doesn't set out to hurt you ... sometimes they actually can't change the circumstances that have lead to your disappointment and feeling of hurt.  If it does occur then the best thing to do is actually talk to the person/people involved asap and resolve the feelings rather than hold onto them and build a grudge as it really doesn't lead to happiness .... and honestly i'd choose happiness anytime over the feeling of hurt and disappointment.

Yip thats 'the new' me, full of warmth and love ... no room for hurt anymore - been there done that!! ... the world is a better place when you just smile.

(hope this makes sense .... its written amongst talking to the girls)


Anonymous said...

You've written virtually what I'm thinking of writing for this one. I've been struggling with this for the last few days....

Sam said...

wow really? I know i've gone 'off line' from the title but feel its about me so i can xx - can't wait to read your post :)

Mummyzilla said...

What a great post Sam, I so agree with everything you've said.

Sam said...

thanks Angela :)