Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot

Hard one! ..... lets do a list

  • It shouldn't be at the top but Chocolate - GF brownie being the latest but any Dark good chocolate!
  • Happiness, Laughter and the feeling to be alive - this is a recent craving the more i get the more i want 
  • My family - immediate and extended the older i get the more i'd love to really catchup like back in the day - I think of you all often! oh i can't wait for Christmas!
  • Knowledge - i love reading books on Health & Wellbeing, Cooking & Gardening
  • A White Christmas - one day i plan for my family to spend Christmas in the snow
  • Relaxation  ... in many forms and any form i can get my hands on 
  • Fresh Air xxx

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

err .. my DNA?!!? ... seriously though, honestly i can't answer this.

I've been thinking and thinking about it lately (as you'll notice a few of these posts go up at once - but are written over days sitting on the browser until they seem 'complete') & this one i'm struggling with - this may be a reflection of my self esteem level? or my ability to attract people with the same views as mine?? i just don't know .....

I'd like to think i'm special and of course i am in the sense that there is no one else like me out there in this world we are living in ... but more than that, i'd like to think that the impact i make on those around me is one that isn't easily forgotten - But its hard to put into words here, I'm not one to boast about myself - yes i have talents & skills that not everyone has - we all do, but when i look at myself i just see me. 

Actually i was talking to a friend about how somethings are unexplainable - like how they just are - the love you feel for someone or the way home is just home - and i'm thinking this is one of those things - maybe you need to tell me what you see ..... 

In an attempt to get comments from the many who frequent my blog ....

What do you see that makes me different?

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

i could put many photos here .. children's laughter, drawings, smiles, the beach, my beautiful rose garden, my friends, the smell of essential oils, a fresh batch of baking, any type of achievement, a room full of crafty supplies, my family, diving into a pool on a hot day, a massage, relaxation, yoga, inner piece, animals, butterflies, spending time muddling the water or laying in the sun feeling the warmth of the world we're in, an organised house, a room full of my family, a present made with love, the feeling of love, passion and touch, music, reading a good book (as in the non fiction type), a cup of herbal tea from my garden, rainbows ... the list goes on and theres things that shouldn't be written here on it as well ;)

But heres a picture that i love & plan to put on a canvas for myself one day (soon)

It makes me happy as it reminds me that i'm the one in charge of my life 
- powerful stuff & oh to true -

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

He'll kill me for this but here:

I guess thats what can happen when you take a pic on your wifes phone and upload it as her wallpaper ..... (was great though i love the little things that people do to plan a smile on my face - they really make me melt!)

but seriously i should follow it with this one, its what he looks like most of the time during the work week: 

This is my husband ... certainly the person i saw my future with.

Why? .. well our values match, hes an amazing father, has passion for most/if not all things he does, i can depend on him even though his job is full on, he really pays attention to the needs around him - he would stop and help anyone out almost to the point that he really does put others before himself, of course he has flaws but who doesn't (& lets face it i can live with and work on those ;) ), he puts his heart into our future in creation, he really has amazing talents in creating things and fixing things up to save a $ or two, he supports me and i know he really loves me unconditionally - i just hope i pay him the same back.

Love you Noodle!

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Okay so this is a long post if i sat down and wrote all thats in my head & its interesting timing as Mark said we should sit down and put another dream board together, but I don't have the time for that at the moment so heres just a wee something from my page who am i?:

(Also lets face it at the moment all i have to do is look around me and i'm where i want to be)

. . . . I aspire to . . . .

- Be Myself - Happy, Loved, and full of life.

- Be the best mum i can and teach my children the basics, while supporting them to be themselves.

- Learn the art of photography - to be the one behind the lens capturing the beauty in a picture forever.

- Always see that the highs of life are just around the corner, no matter how low i may be feeling.

- Let nature support me, as my family and i work with it to create gardens of self sufficiency with happy healthy lives.

-Love others as they love me, and show people the thanks they deserve.

- Smile daily and be thankful for the road i have walked thus far, in my path of life.

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

So at one stage in my teen years i can remember I sat down and counted 21 'nick-names' (maybe mostly thanks to having a big sister?) ... not sure i'd have than many now but lets see (not sure if i should be embarrassed or not about some):

My name: Samantha

& lets face it the main person that calls me that is mum - at least its not always when i've done something wrong these days although i still can hear her and the tone she uses if i am.  I think some of my friends do use my full name to? 


Sam - obvious shorten and the name i get called the most 
Samon - came about in my teens from somewhere and has now changed a touch to Samin - from hubby
Sammy - My Granddad calls me this mainly
Mama - From my other grandparents although the older i get the less they use it
Manfa - From my sister and parents i think originally my sister couldn't say Samantha? (i'm sure she can correct me if i'm wrong)
Saminanthina - From my sister followed with some originals - Runka & Chickamore .... maybe she can explain where they came from .... in response she got Dickwad & others i'm sure that i can't recall at present -- gotta love ya big sisters xx

Seems the others have faded away now isn't that the way as we move through life and friends change -- have to say i'm glad to have seen some slip away too haha! 

But have i forgotten any? ... feel free to add them my lovelies xxx