Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sewing: Smocket

I've loved the look and idea of a smocket for a while now. I think my girls would get some great wear out of them and they are so sweet - so i set to work following two tutorials i found on the internet.

Firstly this one: Reversible Pinafore Dress

and then this one: Happy Smocket

I kept the side seams though as found it was a better use of fabric (and i'm sure one to get the most i can out of my fabric)

This one was made from my Fabric Stash and i have made it reversible.
One side is a lovely natural linen with a pocket on it, and the other is a blue paisley with some basic applique trees - another skill self taught and needing more practice.

I love how the pocket and trees have turned out

This one was made for one of Emma's friends birthdays, Emma thought that Rio would like some clippies as well so i came up with this simple design of just wrapping thread around them then sewing on a button to match the smocket - Simple and affective.

I can certainly see many more of these being made in the future and think they look great with tights or over jeans and i love how you actually endup making two in one (and a note for the future to take more care top stitching oops!! )

and i think local mums would snap these up at the local markets too, right?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knitting: A little dress for a little girl

The biggest item I've knitted thus far in my just over one year of knitting

I've learn't how to read a pattern, and a few new ways to wrap yarn around needles to get some rather cute end results.

The pattern I followed for this dress is the Oriental Lily by tiKKI

Its a very easy knit in the round, but on this one I've used a lace hem pattern rather then garter stitch, and i just love the way that its come out - nice and girly but not 'too fancy' (those who know me know i'm not a frills girl - more of a plain jane) even if it looks a tad christmas'y
Heres the RAVELRY page for those whom want more details.

It was a beautiful spring day here today and Beca always likes to help out Dad with the task at hand - new dress or not its all about mucking in to her. Our cheeky wee monkey!

I'm so happy its done - doesn't she look impressed!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Happy

And here she is - skirt has turned out a touch big (over estimated the elastic
while she was sleeping) ... but not bad for first effort :) ....

and now ready for Preschool ... yes my big 3and a half year old princess xxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rainbow Request

So Emma is going through a wee skirt stage ....... and i thought that i'd have a bit of fun

This was a very basic skirt, from a rectangle - it's the first one i have made since high school (actually not sure I've ever sewn a skirt) - but there are some amazing free little girls skirt patterns on some wicked blogs that i'll link to for you over our skirt making phase.

But Emma had a request after i went fabric shopping today, i came home with a lovely mix of fabrics and ribbons (a touch overwhelming really) so she sighed and said 'just a rainbow skirt mummy' ... so i got my thinking cap on and came up with this:

I'll take some new pictures in the morning as you really can't see in these that I've used silver thread on the ribbons we found today, and have lined it as well - all the material is basics from stash (typical!).

No doubt there will be a very excited wee girl in the morning ......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mail Call: TNN Suprise Me Swap Take 2

So we came home Saturday morning to find a box by the door ... Exciting! .. I love mail, not even sure mark noticed it until afterwards when i was thinking of the possibilities!

The box was full of clippies, ribbons and some black and white fabric.

The clippies are a big hit with the girls even before i've had a chance to put ribbon on them!

and for those who are a tad lost a quick GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH will have you up to date ;)

Thanks Heaps Krisha! ... it was just what we were after now the girls hair is finally growing - and i love the nifty box ;)

And here are two wee clips ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whats on my needles?

So i thought i'd let you in on some pics of some WIP's i have .... soon to be completed!

Blue Jeans Baby!!
Using the yarn Kristy dyed in the Naki Scavenger hunt

Dolce Toddler Socks
From some sample yarn in my Blendy Box

And Becas Dress - now this i'm so proud of - I LOVE it!!
Yarn from our latest Naki Swap

Although finishing them seems to be dragging at the moment .. oops

A bit of (NEEDED) time out

When you become a parent you begin to wonder what you ever did with your time before 'the kids' as it seems some days you do nothing but tend to them. You also start to wonder if you will ever get a break from the continuous demands there are, and if your like me - you start to realise that its important for sanity's sake to make time for yourself, and for your relationship.

So yesterday we were lucky enough to have some escape time.
Took the opportunity to try somewhere we hadn't been for dinner before, after a few laps up and down the main street (for old times sake) we parked outside the Ultra Lounge.
Have to say we made a great choice! Its not often my Hubby and i go out for dinner these days and the older i get the more i'm open to trying new things. When it came to choosing a wine to compliment my steak i had ordered i automatically looked at the reds - but the waiter suggested i sample one that was on trial for the wine list. Not one to say no, he brought a Sauvignon Blanc to the table which was fresh and crisp, so inviting i decided to start with a glass (those whom know me will know Sav B is my fav!) ... Although i also pre-ordered a Hawkes Bay Cab Merlot to side my main, call me a traditionalist ... in the end both glasses were a good choice and sure found their way straight to my head.

Dinner was amazing though - starting with the old faithful garlic bread which melted in the mouth at the first bite. It was a bonus when we were served with a complimentary taste of soup of the day - Coconut, Tomato with Vanilla bean oil from chef and thats when i knew dinner wasn't going to disappoint. Main course came Fish of the day - Hapuka pan fried with scallops, prawns and a Jerusalem artichoke puree for Mark which i was lucky enough to sample (er i mean let melt in my mouth) before the plate was empty. My Main was the Beef fillet which i asked to be on kumera mash instead of polenta, complimented with chestnuts, baby beets, broad beans and spinach drizzled with truffle oil - now you know the chef is sure of his meat when they don't provide a steak knife - and they were right it was that tender you didn't need one. WOW seriously the most flavorsome meal i've had for a while, i certainly understand the 'fuss' over truffle oil now. Plates almost licked clean! & no time for desert due to savoring the moment all i could!

Over dinner we decided that we'd head to a movie rather than G Taranaki and Inception certainly didn't disappoint either, i think i forgot to blink from about halfway. Totality worth it though and as i was finishing late and the weather was appalling we decided to wing it, making a night of it and took the chance to catch up with my pre-kids work mates @ The Waterfront Hotel, booking the last available room for the evening (Mark was SO relieved when they said a standard room was left vacant - i think we were both expecting to hear Penthouse EEK!) It certainly was great to have a true night out stopping at a bar or two on the walk back from the movies (in hindsight not the best night to 'wear in' new boots) but i must confess knowing how good the Salmon Eggs Benny is at Ultra Lounge, i had already decided that was my brunch the following morning so it was great to cut down on travel between meals!

However ...... it is a tad embarrassing when you turn up for brunch at the same place you went for dinner, in the same clothes ..... and have the same waiter!
Oh well we soon got over that and enjoyed the rest of our 'break' with more mouth watering, flavour filled food and top rate service.

Now back to reality & how special is it when you get that 'love you - missed you hug' from such special little people, love them both so much xxxx

But hope its not such a long wait until the next one hehe

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Online shopping? - Handmade

One of my favorite crafty places for online shopping is Felt

Now some of you crafty ladies will know about this place, but for those who don't its full of some amazing things made in NZ. I endeavor to one day have a felt store .... but at the moment are far to busy trying to keep up with crafting for my friends and family. So in the mean time if i'm in need of some inspiration this is one place i head - aside from all the amazing blogs I've come across and Ravelry is also a great source of my inspiration.

There is also a real value in Handmade items .....

Be warned though ... it is a very addictive place you can lose track of time in

August .... already!

So far this month our letterbox feels like its attracting nothing much but bills .... I've failed to notice the car WOF until it is now a week over due .... great start huh! ..... seems that theres a pattern here. It feels like there are not enough hours in the day to complete the chores that need doing - or perhaps i'm not doing them fast enough?

But everyday I've been taking a moment out to stop and think,
I've noticed how much my children teach me,
be it the small things like how fun it is to just smile and giggle when pulling washing off the line as mums trying to put it on,
to the big things like how important and happy we feel when love is forever present in our lives. I've found that on days when i stop being controlled by what has to be done and take a moment to share and feel the love with my girls our house runs at a happier level.

Being a Stay at home mum comes with its own challenges and benefits, its only occurred to me lately that there are a lot of things i never realised as i was growing up - like how much you can teach your children by getting them involved in whats happening, not to mention the ease and sense of achievement and involvement that comes from doing something together. We really are our children's first teachers in life, we role model such basic skills that we don't even know we are doing.
It amazes me some days when i stop and watch the girls play, Emma is such a wee delight leading and teaching skills to her little sister - of course there are the moments when she turns and says in the harsh but not quite yelling voice "Rebecca i have told you, i just need you to stop touching that" or "i'm busy, just wait" .... just as i have role modeled to her no doubt, it does bring a tear to my eye when she recalls moments that i'd prefer not to have happened.
But it reminds me to stop and look at the way i'm acting at times because that is how my children see me and although i know that i'm not perfect, i do have the passion to try my best to be the best mum i can to my amazing blessings - thats all i can do.

Now i think I've babbled enough - and the purpose of this post was actually to say i'm starting some spring cleaning and i'm feeling change in the air ... so watch this space as when i have time my blog is going to get a revamp .....
... is there anything you want to see more of?
.... is there anything you'd like to see less of?

I'm open for any suggestions xxx

Hope your having a lovely, sunny and happy day